Interior and home furnishing

Sustainability has always been the very essence of our philosophy. This interior and home furnishing line has been created from materials used in our handmade rifle production. A design selection made by hunters, for hunters – and our way of life. 

Stock walnut mirror

Made from the finest walnut wood and treated with the same precision as our stocks. Suitable in the hunting lodge – or wherever you lay your hat.

Gun metal table and stools

A robust and smooth kitchen or dining room set. Created from recycled gun metal and wood from our in-house production. For an early breakfast or a late-night gathering.

Faktori lounge table

An exact replica of our own lounge table at VO Faktori. Handmade from recycled steel and metal used in our production in the very same building. A place for all those hunting tales to be told.

Walnut cutting board

We personally pick the walnut wood for our stocks. Those bits that were leftover, we have made into cutting boards. Perfect to prepare your Beef Chasseur.